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Thank you for registering Oklahoma’s Largest BMW Car Show. In this packet you will find a show schedule, entry times, a sheet representing what the judges are looking for, and a vehicle description form. In addition to the show, there will be a tent sale, with wearables, car parts, car care items for sale at awesome prices.
Car Show Registration:
Cars can begin to arrive at 10:00 am. Upon showing up at the dealership, a parking Marshall will direct you to the assigned area for your class. Registration also begins at 10:00 am, and will end at 11:00 am.
If you are coming as a spectator please see a parking Marshall for directions to that parking area.
Car Show Schedule
10:00 Show Opens for Registration.
11:00 Sales Tent opens for BMW Bargains
11:45 Judging begins
12:00 Lunch begins
2:00 Class winners announced.
2:30 People’s Choice Winner announced
3:00 Show ends and winners go to photo area

Show Rules
1. Please respect the dealership and the people around you.
2. No Burn-Outs.
3. No loud music we have a DJ on site.
4. No parking at the storage area next to dealership.

Vehicle Registration Form
Car Assigned Number:_______________________________
BMW CCA Number:_________________________________
Member (Y) (N): If no, are you interested:_______________
Lic / Tag Number:___________________________________
Class Entered (see classes):___________________________
Vehicle History Or Facts (tell us about your build):_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Class List
2009 to Present
2000 to 2007
1990 to 1999
1989 and Older
People’s Choice Award (Voted by Registered Showing Cars)
Best of Show

Judges Guidelines Exterior Quality - What is the quality of the bodywork and paint? If the bodywork has been altered, has it been done well? Is the finish just shiny or deep and lustrous? Is the paint smooth or orange peeled? Any overspray, runs, ripples, etc.? Dents? Chips? Are bodykit seams smooth and straight? All panels aligned? Any doors sagging? Bumpers on straight? Glass squeaky clean? All cars should have a perfect cleaning and waxing. Interior Quality - Is everything in good condition or truly excellent? Are the seats perfect and clean or ripped and dirty? Is the headliner intact and tight or drooping and baggy? Are the carpets clean and new looking or dirty and worn? Have modifications, such as gauges or aftermarket seats, been hacked in, or are they professional looking? Are the sun visors in good shape? Door panels? Every piece of the interior should be perfectly clean and prepared; there should be no dirt under the floor mats or junk under the seats. Look at the trunk or hatch. It should be prepared to the same perfect state as the interior. Mechanical Quality - Does everything look neat and well put together? Is the quality of the workmanship good or great? Are there special features that deserve points? Are the systems securely mounted? Do the systems work together harmoniously, i.e. do they appear to flow into one another or are they just shoved somewhere? Is the exhaust system solid, or about to fall off? Are there any fluid leaks? Is the engine compartment perfectly clean and detailed? Suspension Quality Are tires/wheels/shocks in good condition? Do they look perfect? What is the extent of modifications to the suspension, and are they well done? Front and rear stress bars? Camber plates? Special springs and shocks? Coilovers? Special bushings? Anti-roll (sway) bars? Are the brake calipers/rotors/drums in great shape? If there was a brake modification was it well done? Are the wheels and tires appropriate to the suspension? Are the wheels coated in brake dust? Is the finish of the wheels perfect or are the wheels scuffed? Do the tires shine or are they scuffed and dirty?
Cleanliness - This is self-explanatory. Every part of the car from front to back and top to bottom should be clean. Things that should be shiny should shine. Things that should be polished should be polished. This includes the trunk or hatch; the glove box, the grille, the doorsills, and under the floor mats. No fabric or leather should show stains of any kind. Overall Concept And Integration - This is a subjective category that needs some thought. The point here is the total quality of the car in all of the categories above, and how well everything hangs together. A million-dollar paint job with a poor interior does not score high. Full engine work, but no suspension work should not score highly. What you are looking for is a car in the class that YOU want to bring to a show like this, which needs no apologies or excuses for anything. Where all of the modifications are done correctly and equally balanced.

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